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Prisons & Correctional Facility Products

There is no better way to test for the function, strength and durability of a plumbing fixture or system than the inside of a correctional facility. Inmate vandalism and prison riots can cause costly damage to jails, prisons and correctional facilities, including the plumbing fixtures and systems.

In addition to the costs involved, plumbing fixtures that are broken or damaged by inmates have the potential to become weapons, creating dangerous situations for inmates and facility staff.

Finally, traditional gravity plumbing systems in prisons open up opportunities for inmates to communicate between cells and transfer contraband between cells.

Morris International ME FZE represents manufacturers of products and systems designed specifically for the correctional market. From Acorn Engineering Company®, who designs and manufactures a variety of products for the correctional market to AcornVac Vacuum Plumbing Systems, which can prevent the problems associated with traditional gravity plumbing systems in prisons while also cutting water usage by up to 68%.

Our manufacturers that serve the Prison market make products designed and built specifically for this environment. The products have been put to the test in this environment and have passed and exceeded requirements, making them world leaders in manufacturing prison products and systems.